How to Staykeen. A New App From Google To Collect Your Interests

One of the largest companies in the world, Google, has recently developed and launched a new app. On June 18, 2020, this new service called Keen became available for the users. For now, it is operating in a test mode, but the developers assure that soon a full version will be available.

So what is it? What makes Keen different from other social nets? 

Let’s take a closer look and try to figure it out.

What Is Staykeen And How It Works

The developers of this social net (yes, Keen is a sort of social service close to Pinterest) say that they became concerned about how much time we spend being stuck in our smartphones scrolling the webpages and mindlessly browsing news and posts.

That is why they decided to change the situation and, instead of just surfing the internet aimlessly looking through some pictures or looking through gossips, they intended to create an app that would help us focus on what we truly love and interest in. They basically wanted to help people learn how to staykeen.

The idea was to create a service that would help people to tell each other what they really wanted to share and spend more time on. Links, resources, ideas connected with their major interests and hobbies, as well as the ability to share those things with each other, could become a great way to spend more time together on shared passions.

That is how Keen was created.

Generally speaking, it is a web and Android app that is somewhat similar to Pinterest. The one major distinction is that the “child” of Google is based on a human-centered machine learning system. It allows us to avoid mindlessly browsing everything we see since this artificial intelligence will be searching for information for us based on our requests and preferences that we previously set.

What Can It Do And How to Get Started?

To begin using Keen, you will need a Google account since the app uses Google Search for providing you with the content, and an uploaded app for Android from Google Store.

Once you’re logged in, you simply say what topics and areas of interest you want to focus, and then curate the content from the Internet and other trusted users to do that. You basically make your own “keens” dedicated to various topics, create collections, share those with others, and search for the new information.

A good thing is that users can not only curate themselves. If you know that your friend is interested in a particular topic, and you find something related, you can send this info to him/her. It is also possible to follow others’ keens that are connected with your interests.

Keen users can create either a public or a private keen so that you could stay in touch with what is shared and who is involved. In addition, the more kins you create, the better the recommendations will be. 

Such a system allows us to staykeen better and to stop wasting our time on unnecessary information.

Staykeen vs Pinterest

Since the new app has certain similarities with the widely known Pinterest, users called it a Pinterest clone. However, the new creation can hardly be called like this.

Yes, on Pinterest we can also create our own “boards” of interests related to what we like, share our pins with others, and pin their collections to add to our board. And yes, this service also offers us boards related to the interests we set when creating an account.

However, these are probably the only similarities between these two services.

To be critical, it is necessary to say that even if Pinterest is based on visual content, it’s not simply about nice pictures. This service can be used for business by letting your customers pin the images from your company’s website onto their pin-boards, for instance. Of course, you’ll have to regularly add new content to your pin-board which is time-consuming.

On the other hand, Staykeen can work with all the Internet space to find what you want or what you are interested in whereas Pinterest is bordered with the space of the service itself. You can’t find anything that is not on Pinterest for now.

In terms of this, when saying of Staykeen vs Pinterest, it would be reasonable to admit that the new app from Google is way more expanded and multipurpose.

In addition, when browsing Pinterest, we can easily get distracted by some information we don’t actually need that much whereas Keen app will give us only what we requested and no useless trash.

Of course, it’s up to you what apps to use and Pinterest is definitely useful, especially for those whose work is connected with any visual objects (like designers, illustrators, etc). This service and the ability to create visual mood boards can be a great help for those are always in need of a good dose of inspiration!

But for a more narrow search, using Keen would be more preferable, besides, this app is more like about learning new information rather than about simple browsing and collecting images. 

The new app is still in a test regime, but the developers promise it will become a full version very soon. For now, users can upload the app for their Android phones from the Google Store (it is free to do, you don’t need to pay for anything) to test it.

So surf the webspace reasonable, and remember how to staykeen! 

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