How to Change Cover Image And Add Photos On Keen?

The Keen, the new app from Google, is getting more and more popular among the users. This app can seriously become a powerful substitute for the well-known Pinterest and other platforms of that kind since its abilities are way more expanded.

However, users already start asking questions regarding its tools, and one of the most frequent inquiries is how to change the cover image and add your own photos?

Well, let’s see how to solve it.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Make Your Keen Profile Unique

Everyone wants to make his or her profile to stand out among thousands of other profiles, right? And Keen app is not an exception. 

Since it has been released recently, some functions and settings are not quite clear for now for the users that only start to discover the potency of this tool.

For instance, many people ask how they can change the image of the cover, or add their photos. 

Fortunately, the developers have thought about it in advance!

From now on, users of Keen can add new cover images and photos easily.

  • To change the cover image, you will need to open the bottom Menu option on a keen, or, as a variant, click the title from a keen. 
  • The find the Settings and edit them by uploading a new image or by simply taking a photo from your mobile device directly.

What if a user wants to add an image to his or her Gems?

The follow several easy steps.

  • Click the Add button
  • Then press “Add text, links, and photos” button
  • Now click the icon with a little photo on it to upload, or snap a new photo from your mobile gadget

Like that, you can make the links you save more good-looking simply by attaching a new picture or photo. All that needs to be done is to open the bottom Menu options list on your Gem and simply press “Edit” to add a new image. 

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